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Perspective Particles Template!

Perspective Particles Template!

Hey all – a new free download. It’s a fairly simple template, but you can use it as a base and create some awesome stuff! The basic principle is that an image will be turned into particles, but with a twist that they are then spread around randomly on the z-axis; some closer to the camera, some further away. If you then just point the camera at it, it will look blurry, and sometimes not even recognisable.

The trick then is that the particles get re-sized and their x and y positions get adjusted based on the distance to the camera. So, particles closer to the camera will get smaller (with corrected x and y positions) and ones further away get bigger. In that case, when the camera looks straight at them, it looks like a flat image…. but when you then move the camera, the magic starts to happen 🙂

This video will hopefully illustrate it better:

Important notes to Davinci Resolve Users:

To use this in Resolve, on the edit tab, add in an empty Fusion composition, and change the length to 300 frames. Then head into the Fusion tab and go to File –> Import and then select “Fusion Composition”. Then navigate to the folder where you downloaded the file. Select this and import it. Then, add in a MediaOut node and connect the last node (the Renderer3D node) to this newly created MediaOut. Note that right now, the first 2 or 3 frames will look “wrong”. Reason is that the particles are being positioned in these frames. My advice: just render it out and then later trim the first few frames 🙂

Download here:

Davinci Resolve/Fusion – free “maze” generator

Davinci Resolve/Fusion – free “maze” generator

Hey all – another free download and tutorial! Before I go there though, check out the video that inspired me:

This inspired me to create a Fusion-like approach to it. Not quite a one-liner, but lots of potential!

Project file can be downloaded below, but if you want to experience the true power (or…at least see a real life example 😉 ), please join my Patreon!

Davinci Resolve/Fusion Standalone – cool Organic Growth Neon Text

Davinci Resolve/Fusion Standalone – cool Organic Growth Neon Text

Hey all – I have to say that I’m a little bit proud of this one. A relatively simple comp, but I think the end result is really good. But, I may be biased!! 😉 Have a look here:

Word of warning though: particles are generated exponentially (-ish) and as the render/timeline progresses, the computer may start struggling. As of frame 250 (in both templates), things ease of and your computer should be able to start breathing again!

Having said that, the 1st comp rendered in at about 5mins on my computer and the 2nd one in at about 2.5mins….. so we’re not talking about having to leave the computer work overtime overnight 😉

Download the files here: