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Blackmagic Fusion and Davinci Resolve – advanced Text Scramble (free download!)

Blackmagic Fusion and Davinci Resolve – advanced Text Scramble (free download!)

Hey all – some new free goodies: a custom text scrambler (text+ node with a bunch of additional fields and expressions). This allows you to do a lot more than the build-in Textscramble modifier. Note that if you don’t have the required fonts installed, the comps will throw up an error. I’m making use of:
– Consolas
– Courier New
– LCD 14

LCD 14 can be downloaded here:

In general, one main tip is to use a Monospaced font!!

See Youtube tutorial here:

Download here:

Blackmagic Fusion and Davinci Resolve: Enhanced Text Scrambling (free download)

Davinci Resolve 15 (/Fusion) – Posterize Time Tutorial

Davinci Resolve 15 (/Fusion) – Posterize Time Tutorial

So…. Trying out something new. With the integration of Fusion into Resolve, I thought (as did many others so it seems…) it would be interesting to do some more basic effects, especially ones that could be of interest to video editors. In this tutorial, I’m basically walking you through a basic Posterize Time/Strobing type effect. Of course, this *was* possible in Resolve, but only in a roundabout way or with the help of 3rd party plugins. In this tutorial, we’ll make use of the Fusion Timestretcher node, which makes it very easy indeed.

I then proceed by adding some grungy text elements, doing some tracking, and presto…done.

Have a look at the tutorial below. However, if you’re in a hurry, the summary of the posterize time effect is:

Add a Timestretcher node inbetween media in and out. Right click the Source Time element, and click expression. Then type the following expression:


It’s as simple as that. Change the 7 to a number of your liking. the higher the number the choppier it will get. So, for instance, if you use 10, it will only update the frame once in 10 frames.