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New Free Project File – scrolling LED display (Billboard)

New Free Project File – scrolling LED display (Billboard)

EDIT: new download will be available soon based on a pImageEmitter instead of pCustom which is a more efficient solution in this particular case. Thanks to llir! (see comments section of the video). I’ll keep the original download available as well as I think it can still provide some insight into some aspects of the pCustom Tool.

Another free download! This time, more particle fun… we’re creating an LED scrolling style Billboard. Ensure to check out my video below to get a few hints and tips on how to use & customize it.

Quick introduction video:


Download here: (please click title, not the download button)

Scrolling LED (Billboard) – free project file

Note that this template/project file is provided “as is,” and you use it at your own risk.

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