FREE Project File – exploding cube

FREE Project File – exploding cube

A few folks have asked me for the project file and who am I to deny a kind request? 😉

See video below for the result:


And if you want to understand a bit more about the pCustom tool (that’s used to create it), check out my tutorial “Unleash the Power of Particles” below:

Download link:(please click title, not the download button)

Note that this template/project file is provided “as is,” and you use it at your own risk.

No warranties are provided.

Under no circumstances shall the author be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use, misuse, or inability to use this template.




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2 Replies to “FREE Project File – exploding cube”

  1. Great work, I use these free providings for entitling my private fotographic material to enrich the final video with effects. Your mathematical skills are above mine, as a long time has passed since I had my lessons in maths. So thank you for educating me again and bringing my brain back to my roots and skills. Sorry for my untrained English hope I was able to transport enough to be understood.

    1. Hi Johan – glad to hear you’re finding it useful! To be honest, I had to go back and refresh my own knowledge! I had forgotten a lot about my math classes 😉

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