Blackmagic Fusion – quick tip: magnifying glass

Blackmagic Fusion – quick tip: magnifying glass

A quick one this time. One commenter on my Youtube channel asked me how to do a magnifying glass effect. In the below comp, I used the displace node to achieve this effect. Very simple in setup, in principle all in 2D, but I added a bunch of nodes to add a very rudimentary magnifier (replace by something more suitable as appropriate!). Just ensure that for animation etc, you use the Center Point of Ellipse 1. The magnifying glass will follow appropriately (just a simple expression to link the 2).

Oh, and right now the comp assumes a 1920*1080 input image. Of course you can have something different, but you may need to change the frame size of some of the nodes.

Download the comp here:

Blackmagic Fusion: quick tip, magnifying glass

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