Davinci Resolve/Fusion – cool blockified title intro (free download)

Davinci Resolve/Fusion – cool blockified title intro (free download)

Hey all – a new free template for you all. I have to say that it may be a bit similar to some of my earlier work, but I still thought it was worth publishing 😉

This will work both in Davinci Resolve 15/16/17 or Fusion Standalone (as of version 9). For Davinci Resolve you will first need to drag in an empty Fusion Composition (from the effects panel) into the timeline (on the Edit page), ensure it’s sufficiently long (default for the template is 300 frames) and then select it and go into the Fusion tab. In the Fusion tab you can then import the downloaded Fusion comp file. Last step is then to connect the last merge to a MediaOut node.


With the default parameters the comp may be quite slow. To improve performance, you can for instance turn-off the (or lower the quality of) the Depth-of-Field in the render node.


See the project in action here:


You can download the file here:

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